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Virtuoso Music: The Ultimate Place for Artists who are Unique, Different & Trendsetting

Virtuoso Music & Distribution is constantly evolving, passionately supplying artists with every opportunity to be successful - artist development, marketing services, promotion, consulting, sales and distribution for both music and non-music entities By working with artists and focusing on their uniqueness, Virtuoso Music & Distribution presents ways to bring music to consumers in today's markets and provides a holistic opportunity for artists to have the greatest chance for success.

Virtuoso Music & Distribution offers a set of competencies effective in all aspects of artist development and consumer awareness. Long associations with great artists operating independently, Navarre Entertainment Media, WEA and the Universal Music Group have allowed for relationships and skill sets to be nurtured and developed to create effective and unique channels now available to developing and established artists.

The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Virtuoso Music & Distribution's V3 will be airing on HBCU Sirius Channel 142! HBCU Radio
Times: Premier airing 10/19 at 4:30 PM
10/21 at 10 AM
10/24 at 3:30 PM
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Virtuoso Music & Distribution is excited to welcome Cal Bennett to our family of artists. A truly great musician.
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Virtuoso's Jeffree Charles was on the Soul Podcast! Click here to check it out!
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Introducing M.A.N.D.A.T.E. Records, the newest member of the Virtuoso Music & Distribution family!
M.A.N.D.A.T.E. is an acronym that perfectly represents the vision and purpose for the company’s existence, “Making A Necessary Difference At The End” is the goal after every project, event, production and collaboration.
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Introducing Virtuoso Music's newest artist, Chase Shelleé!
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
V3 is nominated for Best Duo/Group in the Gospel Choice Awards! Vote for them today at



The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Freedom Underground Leader, Keith Owens, talks politics on MSNBC.

Keith is also the Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle. He was interviewed by MSNBC recently concerning Donald Trump visiting Detroit.


The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Steven Seagal's album "Songs from the Crystal Cave" on Sale through Christmas


The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
V3’s New Single, "Wait on You" - Going for Airplay Now


V3 at the Southeast EMMY Awards! Click here to see the slideshow


V3 Limited Edition Collector's EP CD Now Available!
Pre Full Album Release


The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Joey Stuckey - "Blind Man Drivin'" Official Music Video (with Narration)

This version of Joey Stuckey’s award-winning video is audio described for the blind. The song and its video, released March 2015, have already reached many milestones by winning the Atlanta Society of Entertainers Video of the Year and a place of honor as the theme song of the Visually Impaired Musicians' Lives conference held at the University College of London. This new version will take listeners on the journey of all the fun video scenes without impairing the ability to hear the music. Audio description written by Nash and Jenny Mayfield and read by Nash Mayfield.


The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
V3's video for their new hit single "Wait on You"


The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Virtuoso Music's Orippua‬'s Newest Awards:
  • 2016 Songwriting Contest Song of the Year - Runner Up
  • 2016 Winner Global Music Awards: Silver Medal - Outstanding Achievement
  • 2016 Winner Akademia Music Awards: Best Song World Beat/Executive Top Picks
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Virtuoso's Edel recording new music!
The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
The Dawn is FatheR BrotheR Sun's debut album


The Latest Virtuoso Happenings!
Baldy Loc's new "Redbox and Smash"