Jeffree Charles

The Atlanta-based musical phenomenon known as “Jeffree Charles” is a live performer, recording artist and radio DJ to be taken note of. A true 1st and 2nd Tenor, a young Jeffree “J.C.” Charles was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, as an avid radio listener absorbing music of the ‘70s and ‘80s, which helped to shape who he’d later become as a singer.

At the young age of 10, Jeffree watched the billboard charts. He knew who was hot in Black music, as well as in other genres. and shortly thereafter began singing in groups. As a teenage singer, Jeffree’s key vocal focus was on popular tenor singers such as Marvin Gaye—Jeffree’s number-one musical hero. Included in his arsenal of icons are Smokey Robinson, Eddie Kendricks, Ron Banks, William Hart and others—this is why Jeffree’s falsetto tones are so calculated and well-developed.

Jeffree became an assistant buyer of albums, 45s and cassettes at his mother’s record shop, and the local radio station (WJMO AM 1490) was a stone’s throw down the road from the store, which put him in position to meet some of the radio DJs. “I saw how popular radio made these guys on air, because this was a time when DJs were like local movie stars. I believed that this had to be in my future, because I wanted to be like them.”

"My Diverse Expressions"

This 12-song compilation is a diverse collection of musical  emotions ranging from a conversation about how social media has taken over interpersonal relationships, a socially conscious dance groove about today's constant injustice, and tracks that boast an array of feelings that will touch the heart as well as put you in a jazzy and soulful mind set. This is "My Diverse Expressions " 

Where is the Love
We Can Roll


Jeffree Charles - My Diverse Expressions 

“Never give up and continue pursuing your dream with every ounce of determination that you possess.”

New Single -" Long Way Home"


Jeffree Charles - My Diverse Expressions 

New Ballad for 2020 - "Amazing"


Later in life, Jeffree Charles began writing songs on a challenge from Atlanta songwriters Gerald Mims and Gavin White. After college, Jeffree vowed to become one of Ohio’s most popular Radio Air Personalities. This dream came to fruition after being hired part-time on WZAK 93.1 in Cleveland.  Until this day, Jeffree Charles is a household name in Northeast Ohio due to his 12-year impact on radio in that area.

This was all part of a plan to continue doing music, with better opportunities to perform in front of huge artists such as such as Karyn White, The Barkays, Freddie Jackson, War, Anita Baker, Brian McKnight, Will Downing, and most recently, The Whispers. Promoters looked at this as a one-up to sell tickets, because Jeffree was also on the radio promoting the concerts!

After his first local hit release titled “Tonight at Nine,” Jeffree Charles was dubbed “The Singing DJ” in 1987. Transitioning from the 20th century until today, Jeffree’s major motivations are too numerous to mention. For instance, Luther Vandross told him to keep going and never stop, after hearing one of Jeffree’s songs. And just to name a few, Babyface, Anthony Hamilton and Eric Benet are among JC’s current musical influences. For the past few years, Jeffree Charles has been working So Official, with an Atlanta-based production team (“Where Is The Love” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous). He also teamed back up and collaborated with the guy who wrote his only local Cleveland hit record, Gerald Mims.

Looking ahead, Jeffree Charles peeps through his periscope and reveals, “It’s onward and forward with this musical journey. With Victor Mclean’s experience in this business and his team’s marketing strategy in this new age of musical downloads, streams and videos, it’s a winning combination. I look forward to my first national hit on this label.”

Awards & Recognitions

Jeffree Charles, has been selected to be honored in the category of top R&B Male Vocalist as the (Top Solo Artist 87’) at the Greatest R&B Legends Music Awards 2020! The Greatest R&B Legends Music Awards has been consciously crafted to bestow deserved accolades of the finest musical talents of Cleveland, Ohio at large. It is packaged by EMCD Midwest leading distribution brand. This edition focuses on Cleveland artists and the biggest exports from the Cleveland area. The aim is to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments and contributions to the R&B genre.

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