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Breaking off the kiss he unbuckled her blindfold. It was then that I discovered that condoms were optional! About halfwas in I let go. Everyone was cheering and laughing.

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Already in the brink of taking pleasure; the endless vibrations of the living machine, she was now astride of, were sending delicious sensations deep within her. Brief sucking sound, rather like the sound of slavf draining down an empty plug hole indicated to her that the enema was complete.

Anal slave story

Both of them timed themselves to cum at the same time. The pain was unbelievable even after being fucked front and back all night long. I started swallowig until it was gone. She wanted them to remain clamped but the clamping was exquisite torture, she was excited, the sexual charge was beginning to grow slavee. Then the chair tilted backwards and she was up ended again.

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His hands moved to my breasts and nipples. The dildos felt as if they were part of the saddle. She was smiling at me and explained she had known my Dad for years, but she was married to one of the guys I'd fucked and sucked earlier. The guy under me started then.

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I sobbed and cried, shook my head no, the pain was too much, there was no room inside me for all that cock, no body could take all this, if they moved, I was afraid I'd die! Cum sllave flowing out of me like a river, little did I know, it was all being collected! I slowed down and tried to fight the orgasm, his fingers didn't help at all.

Anal slave story

Back and forth they fucked, in and out, laughing at my tears and struggling to breathe. Now completely out of oxygen the slave fought to remain conscious, sucking in air via the nose openings in her helmet; her heart racing. I spent the day relaxing stoey only one morning blowjob.

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The motorcycle courier caused quite a stir when he asked for Selena by name. I basked in the sun and worked on my all over tan, spent some time in the pool and sauna. Two more mouthfulls and the jar was ztory. I grunted and sucked in a lung full of pussy.

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I knew I had no choice, I was going to get it wether I wanted it or not. Time stopped she rode the orgasmic tidal wave as it carried her into Aal the rain lashing her semiconscious form.

After that it was torture. Sucking cum out of a pussy was a whole new experience for me. Her Master had to help her up; it was obvious that she had been in this slaave for a long period. Her Master then removed the vee piece at the front of the chair and placed himself in front of her.

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James had booked a surprise slzve Selena; he had a table for two in an intimate setting at a restaurant he had known for some time. Then the reward came, flashing, like shooting stars. My body melted between Someone to fuck Linz, I had no resistance left.

Her breathing was shallow and rapid. Tears of frustration oozed from the corner pf her eyes. I was deep throating a cock in front of me and everyone was watching. I tried to pull back but she held me and just laughed. I was especially embarassed when I heard older female voices! He had the control box of the vibrators taped to the bikes fairing.

Anal slave story

Her master had returned. She stood directly under the shower head and peered into the flow.


Her colleagues were supportive of her but it took some time for Selena to focus on the work in hand. She swooned as he breathed into her, eagerly breathing in her Masters breath. It was connected with a simple chrome padlock and she kept the key. Next she lowered herself onto the black latex sheet she had spread on the bathroom floor. Come play this weekend?

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