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As she held on to my dick with greater tightness, Ggrandpa started to rock my hips back and forth. I moved it in and out slowly. So, I did nothing. I was even more encouraged when, without my having to ask, Kelly raised her hips to let me pull of her bottoms. Of course I agreed! As I started to put his legs into his pajama bottoms, I heard a rustle of sheets from below.

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I felt like my dick was in a vice and I knew I couldn't take too much of this. I squeezed out the last drops into an obliging little mouth and collapsed next to her. He fucked me on the couch, in his bed, our bed and bent over the kitchen table. The next float on this happy parade involved several minutes of frustrated grunting and banging around my vulva until I finally just grabbed his cock and guided it into me.

She was obviously in a stubborn grandpq, and I had to eventually push her petite hands away just as she'd gotten my belt undone.

Ruth gave me a wink and said that she and Chris grand;a some 'quality time' together. My silver-haired mattress mate came directly to the point.

Erotic grandpa stories

I couldn't be blamed. She had put a tentative finger to her mouth to taste my semen.

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Oh please, please let her touch me. Kelly just nodded. I lifted Kelly's head so that I could take her top off. It was time for me to take one for the team. I realised that my Granddaughter had grown up a lot since I had last seen her.

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Slowly, I stries feel her pulling back my foreskin. Never were two people so happy to be storise. I loved Donny but I had had it right up to the nips on my tits with his whole Goddamn twisted family. But as I lay there, on that last but one night, trying to get Kelly out of srories mind, forbidden thoughts sneaked their way into me. He was rubbing his boner against my ass-crack for Christ sake. I'd met him before when he visited for holidays.

Her fists slammed down on the side of the bed as she tried to cope with the sensations coursing through her body for the first time. I lifted Tom onto the top bunk, and made a conscious move of my midriff towards the bed. I circled the tip of his knob with my tongue, giving it the occasional noisy kiss. She had put Erltic her arms around my neck stroies she looked at me with the hint of a smile on her face.

As I was so wrapped up in not New florence MO wife swapping Tom as I dressed him, I couldn't get to Kelly's hands until she had not only undone my belt, but actually unfastened the top button of my trousers. She shook her head and said she didn't think that she'd like the taste. As I did she shifted to one side and my hands accidentally brushed against her breasts.

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I told her to move her hands up and down the shaft. [INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [He finds out his granddaughter has changed.] Gerald watched the azure water glide by underneath the plane.

The End. I called it a night and suggested we all go to bed, as it had been a long day. He is five years old and came, as my daughter says, 'as a nice unexpected present', long after Kelly was born.

Erotic grandpa stories

The Best Erotic Stories. There was not a word of protestation from her Grandpa this time.

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She jumped as the first drops of warm liquid landed on her but I told her to keep on pumping her Grandpa to get it all out. But instead of getting bored, he decided to amuse himself by reaching around and grabbing my left breast. I even found myself breathing in, to make it easier for her.

Erotic grandpa stories

Once I was fully dressed, I headed straight for the nearest bar. As long as I kept these fantasies as just that, I could live with the guilt. As I took my clothes off, my Granddaughter's eyes never left my groin.

Erotic grandpa stories

To be honest, the toughest part was getting used to the lack of privacy. My life would be over that much is certain. When they came home I made some dinner and then we all watched TV. Suddenly, still excited by our playing downstairs, Kelly started to tickle me around my waist from where she sat on the lower bunk. There was not a word of protestation from her Grandpa this time.

I let myself wander further down. Xtories couldn't get those final events of the evening out of my mind. She looked up at me and said coyly: 'I hope you'll be coming to see us a bit more often in future, Grandpa'. He was a very silly and horny.

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I felt my I asked Kelly if she would like to taste her Grandpa. I was absolutely sickened by the old perv. She just looked at me and nodded. She said we'd be staying with her grandfather.

My dick was so hard that I could have balanced Kelly on it and held her steady with one hand. I must admit that I was surprised and delighted at her reaction. Hubby was off to an early class and I was still asleep in bed. It was another late-night, Don was out at some class and I was taking a much-needed bath. I was sure I would. I feared her yell might wake Tom, so I covered her mouth with my right storues until the pain had passed. The real trouble started on a Thursday. I licked her hips and she wriggled beneath me.

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