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I could hardly breath let alone talk. Then Nick and I started talking a little bit, he was actually easy to talk to, nice even. When we were in high school we use to ride the school bus together; Amy and I sat in the back.

After that we started getting cleaned up and ready to go back to our hotel. Amy put on a Hkgh top, no bra; tight jeans, no panties.

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After about ten minutes though Amy got "that" look in her eyes and went over to Nick and began kissing him. So that was our group. My girlfriend Amy is very cute, the girl next door. Do you mind? Tonya then said "now you have to do something for me Amy then started to moan a little and pushed her pussy into my mouth.

When we back in our car Tonya said "good job Ricky, Adam's hot. Adam then told me "get behind her and get her wet" I then positioned myself behind Tonya and began sliding my fingers into her already wet pussy, she was dripping wet.

That little slut sucked Steve's cock right on the school bus. He asked me what I was studying, what Cyckold liked doing, he made me feel at ease. Right before Steve came he said "alright, I'm going to cum" and Amy said "ok, I'll get it" I heard Steve moaning as he came and Amy saying "o my gosh, that's alot" Then Steve said "what are you going to do with it?

Tonya told him that we were here for spring break together and looking for fun. Guys cuckild buying Amy and her friends more drinks than they could keep up with.

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He introduced himself as Adam, he was 6 foot, about lbs, in good shape, black hair, brown eyes, I felt flattered because he was a good looking guy. You can see her pictures to get an idea of what she looks like. Nick softly, yet forcefully said "just like that baby, you can take it".

High school cuckold

I then saw him rub his dick in Br cum and then slide his cock into Amy's ass. Adam then started fucking her from behind saying "Is this how you like it.

High school cuckold

Amy actually looked a little guilty then she started sucking Nick's cock. I felt betrayed but like I said; I was more turned on than I had ever been. Then Amy said "well I have been talking to a guy here named Nick, and he is really nice. When Tonya gave me that look I thought I was going to cum in scyool pants.

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You better not tell her! My heart just sank, I couldn't believe Amy was telling Tonya this. After about an hour Amy came back to our table with another guy and said "Tonya, I'm going to make sure Mike gets home alright, can you watch Rick for me. Hibh you know I tell Tonya everything.

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Once inside the club Tonya ordered us some shots and we started drinking Hiyh watching people. We were all drinking and having a good time, I think at the time I was still in a bit of shock over what had happened and was having thoughts of Nick fucking Amy that I couldn't get out of my head.

High school cuckold

I had never seen Amy that wet, then again I had never fucked Amy that way before. When Amy hear Nick talking she stopped and looked over at me. Tonya was looking around the club for Higj and I was just trying to stay calm.

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My "friends" Mike and Tom shcool getting wasted on their own dime, but that didn't slow them down a bit. Tonya sat next to me while Amy was dancing and said "Are you getting hard watching her ricky? Well Amy had a crush on a junior named Steve who also rode our bus to school, one day she and Steve were in the back of the bus and I was sitting in the seat in front of them "looking out".

At about one o'clock Amy's cell phone rang and she kind of sfhool away from the group. When we got to the club and walked in my legs felt weak, I was really nervous. Scholl was shaking and looked up at Nick and Beautiful ladies looking love Gulfport "don't stop, fuck me Nick, just like that".

High school cuckold

When Nick came Brad had already dressed and Nick got dressed after cumming. I had never been cuckoold a situation like that so I wasn't sure what to do so I just stood there watching her. My name is Rick, I am 5 11",reasonably good looking. I think he wants to fuck you more than me. Amy just moaned while Nick held her there.

High school cuckold

Amy introduced us then led both of us outside. Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins.

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Again, I was no longer Hkgh control, she was. Amy then said "Listen, I'll be fine. Then I started making my way down to her pussy, slowly kissing and licking my way down.

High school cuckold

Guys immediately saw Amy and all her friends and only one guy and they were all over us. All our other "friends" didn't seem concerned so they stayed on the beach. There were only two other guys I knew that wanted to go with us.

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Then Nick said "I want you to spread your pussy wide for me. If you have never been there, it is great. Right before Nick came, he pulled out of Amy and he said "alright, get over schol very manly, forcefully. My girlfriend and I are both seniors in college. When Amy and I got back to our room I said "why did you tell her what we were doing?

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