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Alcohol use can impair sexual function, and smoking might hinder sexual functionas the Mayo Clinic has confirmed, so it stands to reason that both could alter taste as well. Guys tase the internet. Shutterstock Diet can also play a part.

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If you feel like your odor is abnormal, you should speak to your doctor immediately. Probiotics are a good way to ensure things stay at the levels they should. What tasre it supposed to smell like? Apple pie is great. Your partner should absolutely know what they are getting into.

Be clean, feel confident, and release your inner goddess. Or something.

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That's what the magazines and every movie and TV show tell us, at least! And not only that, but you can actually change what your vagina tastes like?

I want to taste a clean woman

What is our vagina supposed to look like? Traditionally smellier things you tatse — spices, onions, garlic, red meat, dairy, asparagus, and broccoli — can have adverse effects in the taste department as well. Being a smoker can alter the way your vagina tastes, because the chemicals you're inhaling into your lungs seep into your bloodstream.

Because according to societal womwn standards, we're essentially supposed to hardly even have a vagina for that matter. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I found this Reddit thread that posed the question, " How would you describe what a vagina tastes like?

How to make your vagina taste good (and smell good, too!)

National Library of Medicine that are present in the vagina. Unless there's something funky going on down there related to an actual medical issue, then the appearance and scent of your vagina is likely totally normal. And most importantly, they should love it!

This should be balanced by the natural bacteria aka lactobacilli, or lactic acid bacteria, according to the U. Seriously, we're expected to be hairless and have no scent whatsoever down there.

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By Alison Segel Sep. A Battery? It needs to be cleaned, hydrated, and moisturized with love and attention. The Mayo Clinic notes other reasons for vaginal odor include poor hygiene, an overgrowth of vaginal bacteria, a forgotten tampon left in place, or a sexually transmitted infection. All vaginas are beautiful.

Does my pussy taste like money? If you find yourself questioning the balance of your pH, consult your gynecologist.

I want to taste a clean woman

In a interview, Sherry A. Your vagina smells like vagina. It will be related to the amount of smoking involved. The stronger and the larger volume of spice will increase txste presence in the vaginal secretions.

Foods that change your smell (and taste) down there.

But overall, the best way to keep your vagina healthy is to focus on keeping your pH balance in check. And if your partner thinks you taste like a penny, it's only because you're money, baby. Because if anyone has respect for women and a deep knowledge of the female anatomy, it's guys on the internet. But guess what?

Are we supposed to have hair down there? PS: This thread is pretty much my personal nightmare.

But in case you're curious aren't we all a little curious here is what vagina tastes like, according to guys.

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