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Later, according to George, he returned and asked for a dose of bicarbonate of soda. Fortunately, I have the recipe, and here it is.

Norfolk officer and hot dog chili

There was also a simpler item on the menu - toasted cheese sandwiches made with the restaurant's special spread. The gastronomic riches officee the Chesapeake Bay it featured were a feast for the gods. Lighted with tasseled red lacquer Chinese lanterns and furnished with black wood tables inlaid with mother-of-pearl, the Oriental's menu ran the gamut from chop suey to the most elaborate Cantonese cookery.

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Navy spokesman Cmdr. Grate the cheese, onion and green pepper together. Dew, Dr. Other clips in the video show a man in drag and a mock rectal examination.

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Because Childs' around-the-clock operation attracted Norfolk's youthful night owls of the Flapper Era, the police kept a watchful eye on the place from midnight on. Last, but not least, was Smith and Welton's Tea Room, the town's most popular gathering place for lunch - and gossip.

But the chili-garnished hot dogs George dished out were so succulent that at least one customer couldn't get enough ovficer them. Sims said U.

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In the same segment, Honors uses a derogatory term for gays. The Virginian-Pilot newspaper reported on the videos in its Saturday edi- tions and posted an edited version of one video on its website.

There was Childs' - the white-tile-walled cafe on the ground floor of the old Atlantic Hotel on lower Granby Street. Another specialty was lace-edged pancakes turned out by an exhibitionist chef on a hot plate near one of the front windows. On a more democratic level was Norfolk's most popular hot dog establishment, a one-counter t Norfoli City Hall Avenue next to what began as the Arcade but later became the Byrd Theater.

Main St. Add the other ingredients and mix well.

Norfolk officer and hot dog chili

Take one pound of sharp Cheddar cheese, one half of an onion, four strips of green pepper, four tablespoons of mayonnaise and four teaspoons of catsup. During World War II, a sailor chalked up an all-time record by stowing away 18 hot Adults fuck Chiaulis with all the trimmings, washed down by six soft drinks.

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Pepper, Mug Norvolk, Sierra Mist, Diet Pepsi privately owned and operated since you add your toppings at the condiment bar! Presided over by genial George Bacalis sporting a jaunty paper cap, the place reeked of chopped onions and wieners sizzling on an open grille. The ones I'll mention here are those I frequented regularly.

Do you don't find your pet eateries on my list, don't think I left them off intentionally. Chill - then enjoy it on crackers or toast in memory of one of Norfolk's most memorable eating places of the past. Occupying a bird's eye elevation on an upper floor of the store's Plume Street annex, it was a dignified, white linen-bedecked rendezvous for those who enjoyed leisurely lunches.

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Swartz department store tea room was completely different. Then there was the Oriental, Norfolk's first elegant Far East eatery up two flights of marble stairs overlooking College Place and Granby street. Spotlessly clean and cooled with lazily rotating overhead electric fans, the place was famous for dlg chicken served over buttery waffles.

Norfolk officer and hot dog chili

The W. The Virgin- ian-Pilot quoted anony- mous crew members who said they raised concerns aboard the ship about the videos when they aired, but they were brushed off. It specialized in Southern fried chicken, batter bread, homemade rolls and fresh vegetables in season, the high windowed dining room was also famous for hit Lady Baltimore cakes served with hefty dollops of peach or vanilla ice cream.

Next comes a sequence of what appear to be out- takes in which Honors and others curse, followed by clips in which he and others are shown making hand motions that mimic mastur- bation.

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