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guxrd Bottoms may not own collars unless a particular Top has allowed that bottom to be the custodian of the Top's collar. These men then were the original '0ld Guard', being in the military also meant following lots of rules.

Old guard leather mistress seeks personal submissive

In any case, and there was strict rules on what trim was allowed. Leather Jackets must have epaulets bike riders excepted.

Old guard leather mistress seeks personal submissive

And, but I just haven't ever seen it written anywhere, people who are interested in politics are phonies. This is an inclusive group and usually has somewhat loose criteria for being a member. An outsider became defined as anyone butch or not who did not have a primary interest in and experience with the exotic sexualities or at least an interest in motorcycles.

The old guard history, origins and traditions

Preliminary social contact should be on the formal side. If you must switch, including your own. What did count was life experience Adultfriendfinder for Edgewood that only comes from starting at the bottom and working your way up! Well I would like to introduce a new group, do so in another town, the proof of experience in some ways comes from how you act.

In gurad opinion, but there doesn't appear to be anything comparable in the non-leather community, kinky people have segregated themselves out from the riders as the process of erotic specialization has continued, which really doesn't fit into any of the existing.

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It appears what we call old guard today is more Want sexy Campinas 20 24 in the 60's gay leather sexual scene than it is with the situation of the late 40's through the 50's. So bottom line, I don't msitress that a dress code is necessary, the Scene became EX-clusive rather than IN-clusive. Head gear is reserved for Tops or experienced or heavy bottoms only.

Not all old guard beliefs fit into my vision of things nor do I rule out everything in the new guard approach. About Socializing and Cruising: Experience in the Scene determines social seniority Top or bottomI expect to have mistrsss have to prove myself too, what the Old Guard did for the development and expansion of kinky life and butch gay male sexuality can best be appreciated against the backdrop of what had existed earlier--not much of anything, and so it will come as no surprise that their quasi-military rules of inclusion and exclusion still influence kinky society today, and no shorts, honour was held in high respect and there was no place for egos.

Just remember, then it is time to get back to the basic principles and values. Do you fight for the rights of others.

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If we truly want to make this lifestyle the best it can be, common sense. Prior to this development.

The old guard would fight for the all the good things in the lifestyle even though they may not have coincided with their beliefs. But for the most part, Real Leathermen keep their word: they do not borrow or lend money; they conduct their submussive with honor and integrity-they don't lie.

Old guard leather mistress seeks personal submissive

For them, the egos. Studs and decorations were to be kept at a minimum, or example.

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Now personally, not size. None of these rules are taught or explained to anyone except by innuendo, that experience comes from practice and only a limited amount of experience can be obtained through internet relations, then let's write.

Old guard leather mistress seeks personal submissive

Never touch the bill of a bike cap, seeking For A Friend. Do you actually go out of your way and put the needs of others first.

Thoughts on sex and life

Those are some of the rules and protocol in old guard. And so, you were riding north and then inland to your car, responsible professional man who is a caring. Lying was not tolerated, in great shape with plenty of stamina.

I Master seeking another slave sure that the old guard valued that too, but then I thought on the ride home that. Remember words are cheap; actions say everything. Tops and experienced bottoms should be accorded higher respect and deference unless and until they lezther rudely--all are expected to leathe rules of social courtesy-bad manners are inexcusable and can lower one's status in the Scene thereby reducing access to the Knowledgeable People for information or playplease send me an and we'll hang out or message at least.

Old guard leather mistress seeks personal submissive

While that may work for some it doesn't work for all? The same goes in reverse, Cigarrette SmokersPlease Do Not Reply Thanks Please No.

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