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Within minutes of Ms Alvarez's killing, another member of Karapatan, Clarizza Singson, received a message on Facebook warning that she "would be next.

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Philippines Troll Patrol: The woman taking on trolls on their own turf Published 25 September image captionGina was alarmed at the online abuse she saw in the Philippines The Philippines is playing a key role in the wave of disinformation sweeping the world. One comment read "watch your Philippiens, accompanied by a skull and crossbones emoji.

Journalists, human rights defenders and politicians have all reported receiving systematic abuse and death threats. Filipinos are using Facebook every day and spending a lot of time there.

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NF: Well, in the Philippines, Facebook is a very effective medium to do our virl work. And it's not just used to support President Duterte and those aligned with him, it's also used to silence critics.

Philippines girl

We need to have a sense of ownership over it so that you dictate what it does for you, not the other way around. The girls had been filmed and photographed standing on a street in the capital Manila in their uniforms, chanting: "Marcos is no hero!

But this time, we speak as ourselves. Marcos is no hero!

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Within hours of the photos being posted on the school's Facebookand then widely reshared, comments began to appear defending the Marcos legacy and attacking the girls' actions. But honestly, let them say whatever they want to say. This week the company took down two networks based in the Philippines and China for violating their policy on "foreign or government interference. Despite the online abuse, I have never been threatened in real life in the Philippines.

Of course the movement was led by men since men were mostly in leadership positions. The group says 13 of their activists have been killed in the past four years. The day and the month itself represent a space for resistance, especially for me.

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In our context, Facebook is a tool that we need to use as an extension of our advocacy work. But a group of people calling themselves the Troll Patrol are trying to use their own tactics against them, as the BBC's Howard Johnson reports. Otherwise, you lose.

The transcript has been edited for length and clarity. They created scores of s whose posts were deed to counter the narrative of the online pro-government bullies through logic and reasoning. Maybe some people did that in the past and maybe some people are still doing it right now, but definitely I tell you, in all honesty, and I swear to God, I myself do not believe in such.

Nobody was doing anything about it," says Gina. There were also rape threats.

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AN: Since we are here at the Internet Freedom Festival, how do you see this community, the global internet freedom community — the digital rights community — helping you with your work? Sage Cheng. But his family have remained both politically influential and popular and are closely aligned to the current President Rodrigo Duterte. Much like the trolls, the group began creating fake Facebook s - Facebook doesn't require photo ID proof of identity - so they could defend the girls without risking personal attacks themselves.

Philippines girl

I asked Mr Egco what the government had done to investigate these claims: "If you're asking us, if you're asking me as a government official here, I am definitely against any such practice, if there's any at all. And rights groups fear a newly passed Anti-Terrorism Act could weaponise the troll's posts. Recently two human rights defenders, who had been repeatedly trolled and threatened online were killed within a week of each other. The Cook Islands women looking post of this series features Acoso.

At the Internet Freedom Festival in March, we sat down with Naomi Fontanos, the executive director of Gender and Development Advocates Filipinas GANDA Filipinasto talk about the work the organization is doing to protect and promote human rights in the face of hostility toward marginalized communities, restrictions on media freedom, and tightened control of free expression online.

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An Anti-Terror Council, made up of Duterte appointees, has the power virl deate people as suspected terrorists, subject to surveillance for 60 days and arrest, based on mere accusations. Mr Duterte has even admitted paying people to promote him or defend him on social media, though he insisted he only did so during his successful election campaign. Then on August 17 unidentified gunmen fatally shot Zara Alvarez, a legal worker for the human rights group Karapatan.

Philippines girl

But I think you can do so much more. But rights group Amnesty International says even the mildest government critics can be labelled terrorists, based on accusations thrown online by anonymous pro-government trolls. So-called troll farms are being Philippinea to create multiple fake social media s that post political propaganda and attack critics.

Philippines girl

Bad speech can only be fought by better speech.

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