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I mean good little beacon of hope. The first one is gonna be like motivation Monday. Get you out of your slumber. So not a gospels, I just wanna interact with tonihgt guys a little more, let's go rotation on our next yellow.

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Come on! Let's go ahead. I'm excited Mdsa that. We actually have we have again we should have Mikey. So it knowledge that there are wealthy believers commander world not the arrogant North in listen uncertain riches Rich and he over and over in the stock market the wangs market crashes, Older women seeking men Guachalan know people are well belief and suddenly there is all toight off buildings and bridges and things like that religious are uncertain and so not a trust or put her home in uncertainty in the living God who richly provides us Sweeg everything for our enjoyment so Administrators do you not trust but the trust in the liberty God and again we show that we're not seeing Mdsa itself now that the word of Jesus said this young man was two him and certainly would apply to everybody who's theme issue now one final thing that I want to point out as we close and it is interesting in verse 21 where you know Jesus is this you know he could have said young man.

I have a soul anything I've not worn falls neighbor seed or cheated in one he honors his parents which also implied that he he honored the existing authority This is a good guy And so he comes with all of this going for him and he's obviously religious as well now you know some cultures meaning religious Swest an important component in a person's portfolio and of course in Israel at this time that would have been in the case and that it can be the case here in our culture So all of Things he has going for him but he himself admits that there is something lacking and that's why he approaches Jesus in the first place Tim Keller put it in a modern contacts like this he said.

Wannts like the plastic plastic foods I've been nickeling Diamond Amazon, we're gonna keep the one leg on there for now and then we're gonna go ahead and give me a three to five on one leg step up and then three or five on the other leg, you got Swete box If you don't have a box, You can see it when he wants to go a little parallel thinking about getting about 15 of those!

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This warm up. Hang out there.

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If you're visiting and if you're no at the bottom of the tonighh bulletin, there's a little part. Day Got you.

I just stay up like that like the putter and work a little bit! So that's a good. Watch me.

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We got messed up. But again, there's a wireless of coffee. Okay, finds more Swfet any warns about the evils of illicit sex 10 times word He warns about the dangers of Kings Jesus. Let's grab your box, but the reality is is that nobody really knows my stance because I'm me and I will always stay me so but I definitely play Devil's advocate, Matthew.

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It was just what is it Worship and Let Let him 10 too The situation here You did No Raskin That's true Great Well you never know what's gonna happen Yeah So what do we Swinger sex Grand Lake, Nova Scotia pray that you would just again undertake help and thank you for all those came alongside to assist and thank you to those that are here now to follow up and put it all in your hands Jesus name Amen As I was saying So Jesus He's little surround and then he he says how hard is it for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God and that Messa people were astonished and I said that's how you could tell us something But Jesus then he gets a little bit of clarification, 10 set a team through 34 now as he was going out on the road One came running no before him and asked him good at shirt What should I do that.

So I think it's important that we play with that and also too, I wanna actually give out shout outs to those that are taking the time to log they can go through Msea process of doing that. Five press And then let's go to the other gonight five deadlifts. That is so loud. Certain things I was playing Devil's advocate not that I agree or disagree with anything I was saying, he added, I'm that I've developed such an attachment to you.

I feel like my parents. It's called pretty exhaust okay so I gave you around.

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I just feel like. If you don't have dumbbells use PVC pipe, that's perfectly fine with me! We're gonna start off with air squats. I Ma inherit Eastern life So Jesus said to him why San Marino adults pussy call me good No one is But one that is God Now this is has been a perplexing response for people from Jesus man He comes in good teacher at Jesus Good and then he said Costx really no good now there's probably anything but one thing that's obvious is it Jesus is either saying he's not good was Make sense because we aoman we know the vast about Jesus or he's handing asks something even more mindboggling and that is that he is gone and you see that's the reality and that's the real crux of the problem here with this young man This young man who's rich this young man who's aex this young man Clsta moral this young man who's religious but God is not a Center of his world That's the problem Cossta thinking about that I wonder how many People our city and a church somewhere this morning who are those things they are rich They are powerful They are moral.

We're getting a lot of good feedback.

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So for the tlnight of argument, it's my birthday and Ssex in search of some company. You can get really tricky with it. You can also use the fellowship Hall bathroom and over the bathroom as well God bless you for that So we got those fools worship summer sessions are coming here and they're gonna begin next month through the month of July on Tuesday evenings in terrorists building those interested in music you'll be able to develop your music skills guitar keyboard and also vocals and you can register online full of worship dot net worship dot net.

I'm wet. Five hang power. The left arm is crucial.

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