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I am a little shy. If I founded a religion, throwing and catching a Frisbee would be the central aspect of worship. I am hardworking and very conscientious. There are so many men who are looking to take advantage or in even asking for a sexual relationship, which is actually kind of sickening, but I am seeking a standup guy who has a high level of integrity, honor, and respect for women. Once I get a job, I will feel much more grounded and present.

I would not lower myself in that way. I'm willing to do all the hard stuff. My favorite movie is about a lookinf wire walker.

Wife looking casual sex MA Roxbury 2120

I've been thinking about you, Miss X. At the present moment, I am not working so I don't have an income to speak of but I am very capable. If we're cssual to swim together let's aim for the deep end.

Wife looking casual sex MA Roxbury 2120

I'm thinking of two stories about love and loneliness which I've ased to my students and each contains an amazing detail. So is love.

I can offer companionship on a nonsexual level. I try not to eat mammals, but I won't hassle you if you do.

I am spiritual, grounded, caring, genuine, totally and completely trustworthy, responsible and reliable. I'm a writer and that's the other big choice I've made.

Wife looking casual sex MA Roxbury 2120

Some of my favorite manmade objects are tooth picks, libraries, and bridges. I am in a bit of a situation right now, but I know that every negative can be turned into something positive. I feel at home in the rain.

I say strange things to see what people are made of. I am not looking to be taken care of or wishing to "sell myself" haha. I drink tons of water. I sleep weird hours and write lists compulsively. I've been paid to teach college, water trees, torch weeds, sort mail, fill honey bears, and wade creeks. I am smart with a good head on my. Then fuck u doggy till u come again.

We should have a water drinking contest. I was raised atheist by default, but lean toward Buddhism, so the God thing is complicated--we can talk more about that. I placed this once before with very mixed.

Now I advocate their destruction. I have always been into and fitness.

Wife looking casual sex MA Roxbury 2120

I make for a great friend and girlfriend. Nevertheless, people have never stopping describing the Rocbury, simply listing what they see. My bicycle is my favorite machine. I have friendship and honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty to offer.

Wife looking casual sex MA Roxbury 2120

I don't want to live forever. We're not getting any younger, darling. You have to have your heart broken good and properly at least once to understand what's really going on in this world.

Sometimes I like thunderstorms better than people. I want to watch you sleep, laugh, yawn, sneeze, drink tea, tie your shoes, and everything else. I write stories about people who wage wars against their own loneliness.

I take long walks in the dark and I'm tired of walking alone. I am well educated, love working out, yoga, museums,art, SF, living life and having fun.

Wife looking casual sex MA Roxbury 2120

Single About Safe Haven This is a legitimate post from a genuine person.

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